Moral Reconation Therapy

Sonshine has been relentless in establishing and facilitating the Moral Reconation Therapy MRT® program at the La Porte County Jail. The MRT® program at the La Porte County Jail has been shown to reduce re-arrest rates in the La Porte County Jail groups of 30% to 60% after three years of release. If it works there it will work in the home.

Every female residing at WWRH for one year saves La Porte County $25,000-$30,000. WWRH is capable of housing 12 residents and saving taxpayers at least $300,000 per year, while educating and contributing to a growing drug-free workforce for LaPorte County Businesses. “If one lady becomes healthy and heals, and her children do not follow her path, then every sacrifice and tear of my life will have been worthwhile!”