Sonshine’s Spirit

Truly, I NEVER thought life would be so good at WWRH, living with women. I grew up with FOUR DIFFERENT FAMILIES and could not understand women.  I swore I would live by myself and just work!!! Today my heart, my mind, my attitude is different, I am a new creation, all of me has changed. May 2016, WWRH opened temporarily to help the first three ladies, until we could open permanently September of 2016.  Back then, I allowed any women to come. I would drive two hours; or get them from the La Porte Jail, where I still volunteer today.  By the Summer of 2019, I was totally exhausted, realizing I needed a screening process and uneducated, trainable staff. Training staff while trying to teach residents and taking care of their needs 24/7 times 5-7 ladies was endless.  I gave up looking for help, took in less ladies, and started praying…. SPECIFICALLY, and CONTINUOUSLY!!!  I just didn’t know what to do with Staff who insisted on babying residents or talked to them incorrectly. Our residents have suffered: no parents, addicted parents, incarcerated parents, rape, molestation, physical abuse, name it and it happened!  By the Fall of 2019, I decided I wanted to spend time with them and not be in the office 15 hours a day.  I have a different way with them…that is why I built the home. I have learned REAL PATIENCE, the value of adjusting policies, sending intake agreements beforehand, listening more intently, and I have learned that if I do what I love most, encouraging residents, God will take care of the rest. 

I began praying that God would send me someone who would listen to me instead of wanting to talk and asking questions all day. Someone with humility, compassion, awareness and kind speech, who doesn’t get easily offended when called a liar, who doesn’t need to be right.
November 15, 2019 I met Carlie; she came to volunteer and I offered her a job; I saw someone special who could work with me. I believe I am blessed!  TODAY we have 5 Ladies, (two will graduate May 14) who behave like adults, help each other (that’s a first here), and want to know God.  Six more are coming in the next three months. Some will walk in and say, “I feel the love of God in here!”  Not all of them will stay because truthfulness and honesty are a MUST! 
No matter what, I am here, Carlie is here, Noah is here, and so is peace and the love of God!  .