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“New Creation Luncheon” December 3rd, 2021.

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Michelle: “I was eight when I lost my father. I did not understand death and thought he just up and left me. Being a daddy’s girl, left me traumatized and spun me into 20 years of addiction. Today I work at Worthy Women as a House Manager and will graduate in March. I want to help other women like me who just need some guidance and lots of love.”

Misty: “I have always known about God, but thought He didn’t love me anymore. As my pain got worse, I used more drugs, until I found myself with nothing but a backpack in front of an old church. I have lost everything, including a son to addiction. Today I know how to cope with the pain, thanks to Worthy Women Recovery, but I also know that I don’t have to live in shame or guilt. I live for Jesus now, and really want to help other women when I am strong enough to do so.”

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