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“In my perspective, recovery means staying quit, not just quitting. Not going back to drugs or alcohol. I will never reach my full potential if I go back to drugs or alcohol. This is my first time in recovery, but from all I’ve seen, heard, and learned, it’s a never-ending cycle if you go back! The only 2 ways it ends is if you decide to stay quit or die. I choose life. If I do not remain in recovery, I will miss out on everything that is of any importance, my son, nephew, sister, mom, and grandparents. Since I have been in recovery, my relationship with my loved ones have grown so much stronger. I have rebuilt that trust that I thought I would never get back. My recovery also includes God. He may be the very reason I am alive today. He allowed me a second chance. He showed me the way to have a relationship with him at Worthy Women Recovery Home. He put Sonshine in my life. Aside from God and myself, Sonshine is a HUGE part of my recovery. She has pushed me hard to get to where I am. We have had hard conversations that opened my eyes to the truth. I am very grateful for her. Another big part of my recovery is other people in my recovery, the communication of those who want and diligently seek help; that part of recovery helps the most. Every person has been through something, other users giving their experience and advice in order to help people like me. Someone helping out is so meaningful to me. Today in my recovery, I can say that I am proud of how far I have come. I know the kind of person I am capable of being, and I know who I DO NOT want to ever be again. I enjoy feeling my feelings even when they are hard to deal with. The truth will set me free, according to Galatians 5:1, and I refuse to put myself back into the former prison that I had made for myself. May 6, 2020 is my anniversary of 19 months CLEAN and SOBER.”

Ashton and his proud Mother
Jenna and her Mom, Chris Davis


“I feared that my daughter would end up dead because of her addiction. I worried my grandson would have to witness it. She was finally arrested and incarcerated. She lost custody of her son. Basically, she lost everything. She was court ordered to complete 1 year in a recovery home. She applied and was accepted into Worthy Women Recovery Home. Sonshine Troche and the home is the best thing to ever happen to my daughter. Sonshine works hard, she has an understanding of what the women have gone through, are going through and will go through being addicts trying to get their lives back and together. Sonshine has the perseverance and the patience of a saint. Her love for Jesus guides her and the women on their journey. Myself and my family are grateful beyond words. Thank you Sonshine and The Worthy Women Recovery Home for giving me my daughter back. For giving my parents their granddaughter back, and my brothers, their niece.”


March 2020 life was great. Two months later with & a world pandemic and life is different

Life is still good, because everyone who walks into our home says they sense God, “or something different” here. Unfortunately for the residents who have spent their adult life thinking and living as though they are in control, life is not the same. So much fear, a lack of comprehending that God is charge, (they hear it often), not allowed to volunteer at Center Township Trustee’s Office, no visits with anyone – onsite or off, waiting for their workplace to implement COVID-19 sanitation and safety precautions, waiting on the CDC, NO SHOPPING, etc.

3 ladies moved on, one completed her court sentence of 6 months, and one GRADUATED!

2 residents have graduated our one-year program, 2 graduated when we were a 6-month program (until July 2017), and one will graduate May 31. One just completed her 6-month sentence on May 14.  Of 53 intakes, 42 ladies stayed at least 39 days, 17% completed at least 6 months (or their parole requirements). So, 10% graduated so far and I’ve learned more than I could imagine.  Providing groups and 24/7 care is expensive.

The most disheartening issue for me?  Some courts order the ladies here when they request to come. They decide they do not want to follow the very rules they agreed to and signed prior to intake. The courts simply allow them to go.  One Gary, IN Parole Officer stated: “If you let them smoke and have more freedom, I could fill you up today”. I cannot call myself a Christian and let them run loose, that is how they ended up at WWRH.  FIFTY -THREE women that I have helped here and at the La Porte Co. Jail, are no longer alive, they are dead. GONE!  I have literally given my life for each one who comes; and I do know that every lady who’s been at WWRH, regardless how long, can no longer say: “No one cares about me, no one wants to help me.”  Today, that is enough for me.



D.E. “Sonshine” Troche, Ex. Dir. of Worthy Recovery Inc.

AAS, CAPRC II, Advanced Certified MRT® Facilitator


We are very grateful to the Morgan Family Foundation for their immense generosity since 2016; to the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte for partial funding of two residents, and a COVID EMERGENCY AWARD. And to ALL of you who support us faithfully every month and yearly as well. We are grateful to the judges, residents’ families and residents who take our program serious. We take the lives of each lady very serious. AND thank you God, for giving us a heart to help those who cannot help themselves.


Your legacy can live on for years after you are gone; Please call Sonshine @ 219-405-7006

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