Why change after seven years????

  • I am more convinced than EVER, that JESUS CHRIST is the only solution, the only way.
  • It is the sinful heart that is the core.
  • I do not believe (and never have) that addiction is a disease.
  •  I very well understand that sometimes medicine is necessary; 18 years working with women, at a female juvenile facility, a men’s prison, and 20 years volunteering in the jail and prisons, so I am convinced that over-medicating is a serious problem.
  • Medication doesn’t fix the heart or change it.
  • My heart changed when it felt loved.
  • I found love in the bible through Jesus.
  • After 26 years, I still am in awe of how different I am (well, most days.  
  • I believe Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, lived sinless, died, was buried, and rose to new life.  
  • That God ordained this great plan for us to be saved and forgiven, AND to put His Holy Spirit in us when we confess that we are sinners, repent, and believe in and unto Jesus, overwhelms me still.  
  • I want for every lady at WWT to surrender to Jesus, because she needs JESUS, nothing else will ever satisfy or save a hurting soul. 

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65-75% had/have parents who were incarcerated and/or addicted
90 to 95% are former church attendees
80 residents served to December 2022
123 children positively impacted
11 are reunified with their children
80% reconciled with parents
100% received needed medical care
70% satisfied their court orders
65% began working full-time or part-time
55% gave their life to Jesus at WWRH

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Guest Speaker Mandi Cornett – Mother’s Day Luncheon 2023 shares on  ‘Complicated Trauma-related Addiction.’

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